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Low Gear

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Welcome to Low Gear | because the world is not flat!

Let the adventure begin

At Low Gear, we are passionate about Land Rover Defenders as expedition vehicles, and we are committed to designing and developing high quality and innovative products that are used to convert the Defender 110 and Defender 130 to expedition vehicles. All of the products developed by Low Gear have been tested on our Defender 110 and Defender 130 during our overland travels.

Overland travels in an expedition vehicle is one of the most unique and rewarding methods of travel. The combination of independence, freedom to explore remote destinations and the ability to freely interact with your surroundings are essential ingredients for a great adventure. Traveling in a Land Rover Defender brings a sense of adventure during any journey to any destination.

The Land Rover Defenders, with their high ground clearance, large cargo carrying capacity, excellent suspension, mechanically simple, and with good fuel economy, make it an excellent platform for building your expedition vehicle.

Let the adventure begin with innovative products from Low Gear.

Defender 110 Featured Products | Our Expedition 110 featured products


Awnings for the Defender 110
Low Gear's awnings are self-support (no poles required) and are designed to clamp to the G4 roof rack. click here.


Solar Hot Water Tank
This 36 L tank can be pressurized with air up to 22 psi to provide pressurized solar heated water for washing and showering. click here.


Canvas Window Screens
Our canvas window screens slide over the door's window frame to provide ventilation while keeping the mosquitos out. click here.

Defender 130 Featured Products | Our Expedition 130 featured products

    Design and Engineering Drawings
Low Gear will release the design (3D model) and detailed engineering drawings of our Expedition 130 Camper with instructions and material list. click here.

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