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Low Gear

Defender 110

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Low Gear has developed innovative products for our Expedition 110 and Expedition 130 vehicles which have been tested during our overland travels. We now offer these products to our customers.

G4 expedition roof rack for the Defender 110

G4 expedition roof rack for the Defender 110


Product No. 110-01                                             $5,000.00 USD

The G4 roof rack, which closely follows the contour of the Defender’s 110 roof with a lower level over the front cab, is clamped directly to the rain gutter in twelve locations. This product is complete with powder coated aluminum wind deflector, rear ladder, marine plywood floor, and all installation hardware.

Awnings for the Expedition 110 vehicle

Awnings for the Defender 110


Product No. 110-02                                                   $2,000.00 USD

The self-supporting side and rear awnings provide protection from the sun and rain. The rear awning includes side curtains for converting the awning into a privacy room for changing and showering. The awnings are clamped to the G4 roof rack (110-01) with vibration adsorption clamps. The expedition 110 awnings come complete with all installation hardware.


Solar heated hot water tank for the Defender 110

Solar heated hot water tank for the Defender 110


Product No. 110-03                                                   $1,500.00 USD

Our hot water tank is clamped to the G4 roof rack with vibration absorbing clamps. It is manufactured from aluminum and is powder coated black to absorb heat from the sun. It can be pressurized with our onboard air compressor system (110-04) to provide continuous pressurized warm water at 22 psi. The tank can hold up to 36 L of water. It is a perfect hot water system, not only for a shower, but for washing your hands after filling with diesel fuel and for washing dishes.

Onboard compressed air for the Defender 110

Onboard compressed air for the Defender 110 or 13


Product No. 110-04                                                   $1,000.00 USD

The 3/4 horsepower oil-less air compressor has sealed bearings, PTFE piston ring and a cast cylinder with a hard anodized aluminum sleeve for trouble free operation.

The air compressor has a continuous output of 3 CFM at 40 psi and 2 CFM at 100 psi. The maximum working pressure is 135 psi.
The compressed air system comes complete with a 10 L air tank, gauges, air intake filter, air hose, mounting brackets, and installation kit that includes all the electrical and mechanical hardware.

Cabin heater with installation kit for Defender 110 or 130

Diesel air top heater with installation kit


Product No. 110-05                                                  $2,800.00 USD
The 2000 watt diesel heater can heat up the interior of a Defender 110 or Defender 130 within a few minutes. With very low fuel consumption of less than 0.25 L per hour and very quiet operation makes this system the perfect choice.

This product includes the powder coated heater box, the top tray, and a complete installation kit for mounting the heater between the driver and passenger seats of your Defender.

Storage drawers for Defender 110

Storage drawer and cabinets for the Defender 110


Product No. 110-06                                                   $1,000.00 USD

Low Gear's storage system for the Defender 110 includes three separate storage cabinets. The rear cabinet has a drawer which slides out when the rear door is opened, the middle cabinet has a hinged top cover, and the front cabinet is deeper and also has a hinged top cover. With the back seat removed, the three cabinets form a level top surface for sleeping in the back of the Defender. With the rear seats installed and folded up against the front two seats, the rear and middle cabinets can be used and will still form a level surface for sleeping but not as long. All three cabinets have a cam lock with matching keys. The cabinets are manufactured from durable polyethylene.

auxilary fuel tank for the Defender 110

45 L auxiliary fuel tank for the Defender 110


Product No. 110-07                                                   $1,200.00 USD

The auxiliary fuel tank is manufactured from stainless steel and is installed behind the right rear wheel between the fuel filler and the main fuel tank. Both tanks are filled at the same time when filling the main tank. This system increases the fuel capacity of the Defender from 75 L to 120 L giving more than 1,000 km range between fill ups. During fill up, the fuel first enters the auxiliary tank and then over flows into the main tank. A 15 L reserve of fuel is retained in the auxiliary tank that can be transferred to the main tank by the supplied diaphragm pump and rocker switch. A complete installation kit is provided with the auxiliary tank.

Canvas window screens for the Land Rover Defender

Canvas window screens for the Defender 110 / 130


Product No. 110-08                                                   $1,500.00 USD
The canvas window screen is also a curtain when it is zippered closed. The screen simply slides over the window frame on the door.
A complete set for the four doors are available in light grey canvas fabric with black mesh screen.

Canvas Storage Bags for the Defender 110

 Canvas storage bags attached to the side curtain


Product No. 110-09                                                   $1,500.00 USD
The canvas storage system consists of canvas bags with zipper closures that have Velcro fasteners to attached the bags to the canvas rear side curtain. There is one long canvas bag along the bottom for storage of bedding and four smaller canvas storage bags for storage of clothing. The canvas storage system can also be used as back support for sitting in the back of the Defender.

Fold down table of back door of Defender 110

 Fold down table on back door of the Defender 110


Product No. 110-10                                                      $200.00 USD
The rear folding table is manufactured from aluminum plate and powder coated black. It has a stainless steel piano hinge and it uses four rare earth magnets for holding the table in its closed position.

Hinged sand ladder mount on side of Defender 110

Sand ladders hinged mounted on a Defender 110


Product No. 110-11                                                       $800.00 USD
The two aluminum sand ladders are mounted onto the side of the Defender 110 with Low Gear’s mounting kit. The kit includes two sand ladders plus the hinged mounting kit.
The sand ladders can be used as a work bench in its hinged down position.

Fabrication drawings for the Expedition 130

Design details with 3D model and engineering drawings

Product No. 130-01                                                   $1,500.00 USD
While we develop, manufacture, and test our prototype Expedition 130 Camper, we offer to sell the design. The design package includes the 3D model, a link for a free download of the model software, engineering drawings of all the major components, and a material list.





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